Body Soul Reboot BOOTCAMP

At the intersection of Fitness, Wellness & Self Development lives BODY SOUL REBOOT.

Feel Strong, Sexy, Whole. 

Release Self-Sabotaging Patterns. 

Stop Procrastinating On Your Dreams.

Find The Grounded Confidence You Crave. 

Reignite The Spark You Had In Your 20s. 


Body Soul Reboot is the first of its kind LIVE Self Care & Physical Transformation Virtual “Bootcamp” for conscious ambitious women, lovers of life & dream chasers!

Like having your very own Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Wellness Pro & Life Coach working out your Body, Mind & Soul right alongside you.

Workout with Syl from the comfort of your own home, office or hotel room.

Your body’s nervous system, muscles & joints remember every single experience you ever had. Lets get those repressed, trapped emotions in motion to you can stop sabotaging yourself & reclaim your self worth & confidence.  

I’m here to help you make your deepest desires come to life by moving you closer towards a body that feels FREE & ALIVE.

TURN OFF your Excuses.

TURN ON your Fitness, Wellness & Meditation game.

TURN UP the power of your Dreams

  • STEP INTO BEING that radiant, confident woman you were born to be.
  • TAKE DAILY STEPS that move you closer to your goals — without overhauling your lifestyle.
  • ALLOW THE SUCCESS you wear on the outside to genuinely reflect how you feel on the inside.
  • TRUST YOURSELF MORE so you can fear less & reclaim a grounded sense of calm while still holding on to your power.
  • EMBODY THE TRANSFORMATIONAL WORK by getting out of your head so you truly start living a life that feels content, fun & free.
  • UNVEIL THE BODY & LIFE YOU’VE BEEN STARING FOR by supersizing more of the things that make you feel fulfilled & ALIVE.

It’s my honor to guide you every step of the way!

Where Brain-Body Science Meets The Sacred

The Body Soul Reboot BOOTCAMP is designed (with lots of love!) to…

  • Train Your Body with quick & simple pick-me-up workouts that get you toned, flexible, agile, strong and free — from the inside, out.
  • Reset Your Mind by building emotional flexibility & getting trapped emotions in motion to eliminate burn out & limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging behaviours that are holding you back from feeling confident in your skin.
  • Nourish Your Soul with playful “workout adventures” that reignite your long lost radiance & remind you of how to trust yourself again.


  • Community Support from a loving, conscious community of like-minded, aspiring Women-Of-Action that “see” you & are excited to walk this transformational journey with you to help you stay focused & taking action between each workout & coaching sesh.

A Unique YOU-Friendly Fitness & Self Development Experience

  • No more new “good habits” you can’t actually stick to.
  • No more heady information you don’t actually feel in your Body.
  • No more routines your don’t have time to fit into your busy schedule.

30 minutes a day // get it done // feel AWESOME

Here’s Everything You Get…

1) LIVE Daily 30-Minute Cyber Bootcamps with Syl. Every weekday morning we kickstart your consistency & prime your body, mind & soul to carpe the heck out of your diem! 

  • 9-Minute Workout to train your Body & Brain to release trapped emotions & access more freedom & self expression.
  • 9-Minute Meditation to calm your Mind, unnumb your Feelings & listen to your Soul.
  • 9-Minute Soul Storming to take daily action on your Dreams.

It’s the little things that add up to create the greatest impact All you need is a yoga mat, your Body & the willingness to show up for yourself. You’re worth it!

Here’s our training cycle…

3 Weeks LIVE Training. Monday thru Friday at 8am PST.

    • Monday – Butt, Hips, Thighs & Core
    • Tuesdays – Yoga-Stretch Bootcamp
    • Wednesday – Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms & Core
    • Thursday – Yoga-Stretch Bootcamp
    • Friday – Full Body & Core

1 Week “Solo Practice” . One week a month you get to lose the training wheels & totally “own” your Inner Queen. Flex your implementation muscles & stretch your personal accountability game for lasting results — the forever kind!

2) LIVE Post-Bootcamp Q&A. Ask me about any challenges that pop up & celebrate your daily victories with our tribe.

* Monday thru Friday at 8:30am PST

* 30 minutes following each bootcamp

  • Totally optional.

3) LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Syl
Topics Of The Week’ deep dive into meditation, hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep, self care, spirituality & law of attraction (because, magic!) followed by Q&A and surprise hot seats for laser coaching.


4) Monthly Challenges, Camaraderie & Community Support.

5) “The Gym” Members Only Library. Private Online Virtual Vault packed with easy-to-access tools & resources to support the embodiment of all of our trainings together. Includes…

  • Recording of All Bootcamps & Group Coaching Sessions. Just in case you miss a workout, you want a refresher or you prefer to soak in the goodness on your time.
  • ‘Syl’s Picks’ – My personal arsenal of tips & tricks of the trade that I personally use to keep me inspired, vibing high & juiced on life. (Apps, Audios, Videos, Films & Courses)
  • ‘Tribe Faves’ – Because I believe that YOU are a Leader who wields your own unique blend of magic. Sharing is caring!

6) BONUS Tools & Resources

  • High-vibing body-brain fuel for your cells & your soul.
  • 9-Minute Recipes to support on-the-go nourishment even with the craziest of schedules.
  • Routine & Ritual ‘Cheat Sheets’ for at-a-glance reference.
  • Practical Quick & Easy Mindfulness Exercises that get you out of your head & ground your intentions.
  • Tools From The Pros. Tips & tricks I personally use from some of the world’s leading mission-driven transformational leaders in the realm of Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Self-Care, Spirituality & Law of Attraction.
  • Monthly Interviews With The Experts. The best of the best tips & tricks straight from the hearts & mouths of my some of favorite industry specialists.
  • SYL-osophies. Sneak peeks into my personal story (really get to know Syl)+ insights on how I navigated some of the most challenging moments of my life and leveraged them to create the lifestyle of my dreams.
  • Surprise Gifts. Because spontaneous acts of kindness delight the soul & make our world even more awesome!


  • Total Freedom with Month-To-Month Coaching. No Contracts — Ever.
  • A Full Body Transformation & A Whole Life Revolution — That Lasts!

OPTION #1: Body Soul Reboot BOOTCAMP – $90 monthly

  • LIVE Daily 30-Minute Cyber Bootcamps with Syl
  • LIVE Post-Bootcamp Q&A
  • LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Syl
  • Recording of All Bootcamps & Group Coaching Sessions
  • “The Gym” Members Only Resource Library
  • Monthly Challenges, Camaraderie & Community Support

OPTION #2: Body Soul Reboot REVOLUTION – $555 monthly

  • Private Coaching with Syl to accelerate results
  • 3x per month + 1 week of solo practice
  • High-touch personalized experience
  • Accountability & Goal Tracking
  • Includes BOOTCAMP bonus


When you invest in yourself through Body Soul Reboot you simultaneously uplift our young sisters on the other side of our planet. 9% of your membership fee goes to empowering girls to learn & become the leaders of our future through The Malala Fund.

Thank you for being a stand for YOU. Collectively we are breaking down barriers that hold girls back on the other side of our planet. Together, we rise!


Sign up a friend or family member for a month of Body Soul Reboot BOOTCAMP & receive a Private 60-Minute Laser Coaching Session with Syl to help springboard you closer to your goals. (one per month for the first 25 women to sign up).



  • I’m psyched to get to know women who love to uplift other women
  • I’m excited to learn about the goals & dreams pulsing through your heart.
  • I’m committed to empowering you & totally believe in your magnificence.

Uplifting our tribe rocks & makes us collectively even more AWESOME!