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“Working with Sylvia is an engaging experience…”

Working with Sylvia is an engaging experience. Her insights help me every day. Her practical model for fitness even impacts where I park my car! I admire her authenticity and verve and benefit immensely from her enthusiasm.

Mary Anne Radmacher | World Renowned Best Selling Author & Artist

“Sylvia gave me new perspective…”

Sylvia gave me a new perspective and easily attainable goals that have engaged me in a way that has me looking forward to my daily workouts. I see steady improvements in my overall well being as a result of her patient advice and coaching. My focus and intent to create a better me is all a result of her incredibly positive energy and true desire to see me become a better person.

Joe Chisholm | Cast & Crew, Academy Award Winning Environmental Documentary: ‘The Cove’

“I let the killer instinct of physical competitiveness slip by the wayside …then I met Sylvia”

In the craziness of launching my entrepreneurial career, I let the killer-instinct of physical competitiveness that had been such a motivational force for me in college slip by the wayside. Then I met Sylvia, and everything changed. She listened to my story and immediately picked up on exactly what I needed. She provided workout and nutrition guidance to help me get my physical and mental edge back. Three months later, I’m in the best shape since college. I’m hooked! Sylvia changed my life, and can change yours too.

Ted Gonder | Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the White House & Co-Founding CEO of Moneythink

“When I was ready to get in the best possible shape, Sylvia Ferrero entered my life.”

I’ve always believed that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And when I was ready to get in the best possible shape of my life, Sylvia Ferrero entered my life.

But it goes beyond wellness. Sylvia is a beacon of light and inspiration, and one of the most significant people I’ve ever met. I was in a place where I wasn’t happy with my body. My career was taking off but I didn’t have the personal or wellness practices in place to be at my best. This all changed when I met Sylvia. Now, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’m the healthiest version of myself, I’m more confident and comfortable with my body than ever before, my eating and wellness habits have changed, and I know there is no way in hell I’ll ever turn back.

If health or fitness has been a challenge area for you, hire Sylvia. I guarantee she will change your life.

Amber Rae | CEO & Author, Choose Wonder & Writer, Fast Company

“Sylvia is an incredible motivator and trainer…”

Sylvia is an incredible motivator and trainer. I was amazed to see what she could do with our group in 9 minutes. We felt alive, healthy, and energized after every session. And, everything we did was so much fun! Sylvia is amazing!

Cloe Shasha | Director of Speaker Development, TED Conferences

“She helped me uncover just what I was really made of…”

Sylvia is a rare human being and one that I am very grateful to know. She helped me uncover just what I was really made of. In working with her I learned things about myself that went further than just diet or training. Her message inspired me to become the best “me” that I had no idea even existed!

Monet Colbert | CEO, Shades Of Monet Cosmetics

“She is Your-Dream-Life-Is-Calling Coach…”

I started out on an epic adventure with Sylvia almost six years ago, and I literally could not have imagined then the life I have created. She is more than a personal trainer… she is Your-Dream-Life-Is-Calling-You Coach.

She is a deeply spiritual, well grounded woman with an amazing talent for connecting with people, understanding them profoundly and from this perspective, seeing their full potential. She is a force to be reckoned with – an inspiration; a motivator; a wealth of knowledge and a can of whoop-ass all in one little package.

Roxanne Diaz | Vice President, Operations at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“Sylvia could really ‘see’ me and look beyond anything I believed…”

When I first met with Sylvia, I was a real estate agent and mom who just wanted to lose fifteen pounds of post baby weight. However, the transformation she had in mind went well beyond that. Sylvia could really “see” me and took me beyond anything I believed I could accomplish. She pushed me, supported me, and took me to my peak. She coached me to find my passion again, and with her guidance I eventually opened the doors to my own fitness facility and lifestyle coaching business. I still rely on her wisdom and guidance. Sylvia develops true relationships with her clients, she genuinely wants you to succeed, to grow physically, mentally and spiritually… and to find your passion. Sylvia will transform you!

Marissa Herring | CEO, Garage Mama Fitness & Co-Founder, Trinity Sports Performance