If I decide to sign up for one of your other programs immediately AFTER my Consultation (The ‘move’ program) can I apply what I just paid for the consult towards the new program?

Absolutely YES.

I value commitment, consistency and momentum, so I’m happy to celebrate and reward you for it – I call this my ‘Momentum Credit’.

When you sign up for any of my 1-on-1 programs within 7-days following your initial consultation we’ll apply this ‘Momentum Credit’ towards our future work together.

Because we just dove in deep together for those 90 minutes that will set the foundation we will build from.
One week is more than enough time to decide if you and I want to work together to install those healthy habits.

Waiting more than a week isn’t going to change anything besides losing the energy of that initial momentum we kickstarted.

You’re welcome to come back to hire me anytime beyond a week after our consultation, however, please understand that it will be like starting from ground zero again.
The credit will not apply, even if we’ve worked together before.

Thank you in advance for respecting my professional process and honoring this boundary.