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If you’ve got an in-person stage or virtual speaking opportunity that you think I might be aligned with – and will add value to BOTH of our business, lives and communities – then you’re in the right place to make that request.

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I’ll share the hidden gems that hold the power to crank up the manifesting frequency on sustainable holistic habits, as well as the secret metrics that even the most conscious high-level creators totally overlook when it comes to amplifying how their body “vibes”, and are the keys to unlocking radiant health that make them feel lit from within. I’ll share my top tips, insightful guidance and actionable wisdom bombs on the biggest mistakes even the most tuned in Law of Attraction junkies make when it comes to upleveling their well-being, and how you can avoid them. 




I’ll share the strategy that even the most successful soulful creatives are NOT using that causes them to leak their most valuable core potential power, leaving more than 50% of the richest opportunities on the table. I’ll walk you through my signature ‘Path to Possibility’ Roadmap, the 5 must-do action steps to transmute stuck energy so you can become a blazing manifesting force while building a more attuned connection with YOUR BODY. I’ll provide tactical guidance on how to begin forging yourself as a magnetic instrument, plus a practical tool you can begin implementing immediately so you never dim the light of your unique potential again. 




I’ll share the bold moves I made
(plus a few crucial baby steps) that took me from suicidal addict to thriving visionary to co-creating with top influencers from around the world, and how you can use those steps to ignite your God-given superpowers. I’ll share what I discovered about the innate intelligence embedded within your very cells after over two decades of professional observation and personal exploration, and how you can leverage this info to resurrect your youthful vitality to feel unstoppable in your skin so you can start manifesting a life you love – in real-time. 

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real talk, with heart

From intimate coffee chats and retreats to virtual gatherings and live stages. Add a dash of soulful spice to your next event with meaningful stories, holistic insights and actionable musings on all things mindset, well-being and creating body transformation that actually sticks.


done for you

Whether you’re a fitness influencer ready to expand your body of work into the live workshop space or a leader wanting to empower your community with a learning retreat infused with daycation vibes, my boutique wellness experiences are intentionally crafted to serve your following.

You’ll get over two decades worth of my experience in the fitness space, 10+ years in the event production space, plus exclusive access to my roster of rockstar healing professionals.

All you have to do is show up to share from your zone of genius and shine.

Love, Praise and High-5s

from a Few of My Fellow

Industry Peers

I can say a lot of nice things about Sylvia, but her greatest gift is that she’s a big ol' ray of light… She cares deeply about making the world a happier, healthier and more meaningful place. Whenever I’m with her, I learn something new about myself every time. Her wisdom is the kind that makes me take notice, and listen.

Ryan Van Duzer

Travel Channel TV Host, Adventure Filmmaker and Celebrity YouTuber
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Sylvia is a woman who does everything from the heart… she always remembers to source her power from something bigger than herself; who understands the things we most need to support us from the core of our being for a healthy mind and body so we can thrive

Nicole Casanova

Connection Catalyst and CEO of Casanova Ventures
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There are so many things in my life that I’m proud of, and thrilled that I got to experience, that happened because of Sylvia’s unwavering encouragement, belief in me, and her ability to see what was possible when I couldn’t see it for myself . . . I’m finally discovering how to genuinely fall in love with my body. .

Sacha Lalla

Feminine Leadership Expert
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...her strong and unbeatable spirit makes her the best ally to anyone looking for outer and inner strength through a deeper sense of self-love and confidence.”

Gwen des Vallières

Yoga Teacher and Commercial Pilot
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She knows what it takes to help others reach their true potential. Her positive energy is contagious and inspires you to want to be the best person you can possibly be just by being in her presence.

John Pierre

World Renowned Plant-Based Living Activist
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She is an amazing mentor who knows how to inspire people beyond just fitness. She educates them on the power of spiritual, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing.

Kerrie Lee

Brown Former Editor-and-Chief of Oxygen Fitness Magazine and CEO of RedLily Lifestyle Brand
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Sylvia is one of those people that makes you feel totally lit up when you speak with her… She has an uncanny ability to see beauty where others might miss it, and then show people how to access that beauty within themselves so they can shine.

Josh Greenfield

Former MTV Cooking Show Host and Celebrity YouTuber
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I’ve seen very few fitness professionals care about helping their people at the profound level that Sylvia shows up for those she serves...and it shows in the results she consistently produces.

Billy Beck III

Personal Trainer to Tony Robbins & Celebrity Fitness Professional
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Sylvia has been recognized amongst clients as “a Jedi Princess of pleasurable fitness and nourishment for increased manifestation and lifestyle magic”.

She teaches ambitious creatives and innovative leaders how to access the untapped potential of the powerful self-healing pharmacy embedded within their very cells… so they can breathe life into the big, bold visions they feel called to actualize in our world.

As a former elite athlete, fitness host, celebrity personal trainer and wellness coach to sports pros, top-level executives, entrepreneurs, conscious leaders and passionate fitness enthusiasts worldwide for over two decades, Sylvia has built an arsenal of leading edge know-how on how to hardwire results quickly – via a more heart-centered, holistic approach. 

As the survivor of two near-fatal car accidents, a near-death experience, life-threatening health diagnoses, several debilitating concussions and grueling struggles with PTSD, Sylvia overcame abuse, trauma, debilitating depression, addiction, homelessness, attempted suicide and multiple mental health challenges over the course of her lifetime through sheer grit and grace.

These life experiences blessed her with the rare fortune of embarking on a profound exploration into the astounding regenerative capabilities of the body, brain and resilient human spirit.

Today, her body of work promotes a fusion of science-backed practices, ancient alchemy rituals and micro habit shifts that activate the heart-brain’s innate primal intelligence and intuitive superpowers in order to unify and harmonize the body systems with the whole self.