Maria Jose Cortes

“I feel truly rewired! I’m craving movement and exercises now but not from a “bad” place – a punishment perspective. I feel it now as something that my body needs and actually really wants.

I’ve discovered an amazing way to exercise in my process with Sylvia. I’ve now incorporated all the things that I need to keep me motivated, creating loving accountability systems for myself that keep me moving, and doing activities that feel so beautiful and fun.

This is something that I could do FOREVER.

I’m feeling stronger, I’m getting more agile, I’m becoming more flexible and faster. I’ve toned my muscles and I’ve lost fat.

I can definitely SEE the physical changes in my body but overall it’s the changes in my spirit, and the way I conceive and approach movement (and myself!), that I’m happiest about.

Every one of her teachings and resources are pure gold, and I regularly refer back to them.

I feel so humbled for all the love and support I’m receiving, and feeling so grateful for THAT. Because it’s the kind of sincere love and support that even though I’m paying for a program you can feel that it’s something given because it’s out of Syl’s heart.

I’m so grateful for going through her process so that I could get connected to my body, and see for myself what nurtures ME.

Now I truly feel like now I’m ‘working out’ – it finally feels like the real thing. It’s been over a year now that her lessons have totally stuck. I totally get now WHY people get positively addicted to exercise!

I’m conscious about the changes but it’s starting to become something second nature and natural, that I just keep my self-care routine on point even when I’m busy with work.

I’m so thankful for the process that I went through with Sylvia. It’s been a true blessing. She’s an amazing and beautiful human being!”