Sacha Lalla

Sylvia has been one of my greatest teachers, and simultaneously, one of the greatest students I’ve ever met.

She has a reverence for living in both worlds – as a leader and on her knees in humility for the process of learning, growing and transforming. I’ve never met somebody who is so voraciously curious, always willing to learn.

She is a power house woman and fierce force that knows what she wants, and doesn’t give up on her dreams. I really admire that about her.

Her ability to connect people with their body (especially women), through their senses and nature, is almost shamanic. She reminds you that magic is real.

Sylvia is the most magical person I know. And a woman who manifests the most magic from out of nowhere! The things she’s seen, the places she’s traveled to, the people she’s interacted with, the situations she’s managed to transform, the opportunities she’s been able to conjure up for herself have blown me away.

She’s the kind of person you want to partner with – fun, loving, generous, with a heart as big as the ocean!