Tamara Helm

“Before I started working with Sylvia, my fitness and eating habits were sporadic, at best. And I’ve gone through binges when I’d just feel bad about myself.

What Sylvia taught me was the game changer for me.

Sylvia knows the body, and mind-body connection, more than anyone I’ve ever met. She has shown me so much about how my state of mind affects my physical health, and the importance of spiritual health to balance out all of my systems.

Learning to care for myself in a way that is deeper and more heart-oriented than the mainstream definition of “self care” has given me inspiration and motivation to move my body regularly, eat with loving regard for my body, and adopt other regular practices such as meditation.

I’ve realized how all of these support the overall mechanical systems of my body, and also create a general sense of happiness and well being that comes from a much deeper place than just educational knowledge of what I need to do to ‘get fit’.

Sylvia’s knowledge, coaching, support and encouragement have completely revolutionized my physical health and how I view myself.

The best part is that it has all flowed perfectly with my schedule as a single mom and business owner – it’s just a part of who I am now.”